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Anonymous said:
Hey.. Hey you... Yeah, you with the nose.... You're cute

this made me happy thank you ily

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The most accurate depiction of the press I have ever seen

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one day i will stop reblogging this gifset

today is not that day

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why do people have quiet respectful funerals when i die i want my ashes mixed with glitter and packed tightly into a coffin and then they blow up the coffin with explosives so glitter rains down on the guests while blasting “thanks for the memories” by fall out boy

jesus god almighty

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me pretending that i understood someone’s joke


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i know i havent been on in forever

but i was just wondering

if any of you are/know anyone who’s selling ADTR tickets for the 12th in PA

im so desperate so pls message me if you are and ill bake u cookies ok :)